Hydro Extractor


Hydro Extractor

Hydro extractors are machines which are used in textile processing industry. These are also called mainly centrifuges. The wet material is placed in the extractor with loading winch or manually. The internal perforated drum rotates at high speed thus throwing out the water contained in it. Which has a metal of stainless steel. The use of hydro extractor significantly reduces the energy required to dry any material. Hydro Extractors usually work on centrifugal force creating a high Gravitational force enhancing water extraction. Hence the water is separated and the product is obtained in a dry form Normally said that Hydro extractor machine remove excess water swiftly from Yarn, Coir, Jute, Cone, Fabric etc. with minimum vibration and noise.

Basket :

The perforated basket is made of stainless steel (AIST 304 / 316) in standard size. It consists of top flange made of stainless steel and bottom flange of cast iron lined with stainless steel sheet, which is well balanced statistically and dynamically. The outer body is also made of S.S. Sheet.

Bearing Housing & Shaft :

C.I. Bearing housing is mounted on the central boss of the main bed. The main shaft is of alloy steel and is precisely machined to withstand the loads caused by the centrifugal force. The bearings supporting the main shaft are heavy duty roller and thrust bearings.

Suspension :

The complete machine is suspended by heavy-duty CAST IRON PENDULUMS -3 NOS with universal oscillating steel pins with heavy steel springs and gunmetal bushes. This arrangement removes the vibration while the machine is running.

Drive System :

The revolving cage is driven by vertical T.E.F.C. motor fixed on the main channel frame. The motor is fitted with dead load proof centrifugal clutch pulley for progressive starting of the machine, which removes the initial load on the motor.

Auto Brakes System :

Brake is controlled by spring-loaded auto lever. And it fitted with fedrolined external shoe brakes. This brings the heavy internal basket to an effective stop in 20 - 40 seconds.

Safety Features :

The machine is provided with the following safety features:

  • Door interlocked to drive
  • Air lock to prevent door opening when machine in operation
  • Thermal overload protection for motor
  • Large drain to prevent machine from flooding
  • Friction clutch for smooth start and running
  • Guards to protect the moving parts
  • Mechanical spring loaded auto brake
  • Invertor Drive (Optional)