U-Jet Dyeing Machine


U-Jet Dyeing Machine

Jet dyeing machine is a very modern machine made by a U-Jet Dyeing Machine Manufacturer and utilized for the dyeing of polyester with the aid of disperse dyes. There are different types of Jet dyeing machines that are listed below:
  • Overflow Dyeing Machine
  • Soft-flow Dyeing Machine
  • Airflow Dyeing Machine
The primary parts of jet dyeing machine are listed as follows:
  • Main Vessel or Chamber
  • Winch roller or Reel
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Nozzle
  • Reserve Tank
  • Chemical dosing tank
  • Controlling unit or Processor
  • Fabric Plaiter
  • Different kinds of motors & Valves Main Pump
  • Utility lines that include water line, drain line, steam inlet etc.
  • U-Jet Dyeing Machine distributors and U-Jet Dyeing Machine manufacturers have become a common scenario in the textile industry.

Working Process of Jet Dyeing Machine

In this machine, the dye tank has dispersed dye, dispersing agent, leveling agent and acetic acid. The solution is put up in the dye tank till its brim and it reaches the heat exchanger where the solution will be heated and later passed on to the centrifugal pump and to the filter chamber.
The solution will be later filtered and it reaches the tubular chamber. Here the material to be dyed will be loaded and the winch is then rotated. This is done so that the material will also be rotated. Again the dye liquor will reach the heat exchanger and the operation is repeated for 20 to 30 minutes at 135°C. After that the dye bath is cooled down and the dyed material is taken out.
The metering wheel is fixed on the winch by an external electronic unit too. Its need is to record the speed of the fabric. The thermometer, pressure gauge will also be fixed on the side of the machine. This is done in order to note the temperature and pressure under working. A simple device will also be fixed to note the shade under working conditions.

Main Features of Jet Dyeing Machines :

One stainless steel filtering device is placed in such a manner for easy cleaning. The separate tank will be placed in between to enable pre-heating of water, which saves time and energy both. With a purpose to prepare chemical, color kitchen tank will be made out of stainless steel 316, that requires valves for auto dozing. Electrical control panel along with microprocessor to operate the machine is also provided with the help of pneumatic control circuits. These machines are also designed with Magnetic level indicator duly calibrated for precise liquor measurement. All the safety device needed for a pressure vessel is incorporated within the machine itself. These features must be kept in mind prior to buying it from a U-Jet Dyeing Machine supplier or U-Jet Dyeing Machine distributor.
Usually, Jet Dyeing Machines are designed ranging from 60 kgs to 400 kgs capacity. The elements such as Pump & motor of Jet Dyeing Machines are basically controlled by AC Inverter drive system. This is done to enable maximum efficiency and least energy consumption.

Advantages of Jet Dyeing Machine

In cases of this machine Dyeing, time is short as compared to beam dyeing. Material to liquor ratio is 1:5 (or) 1:6 and production are high as compared to the beam dyeing machine. It also has Low consumption of water.

Disadvantages of Jet Dyeing Machine

The cloth is dyed in rope form and it poses a Risk of entanglement. There are Chances of crease formation. Initial investment and maintenance cost is very high and should be taken care of while dealing with U-Jet Dyeing Machine suppliers.
Other features of Jet Dyeing Machine include:
  • Low color-chemical usage.
  • Reduced operating cost.
  • Easy to operate features.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Advanced microprocessor-based programmed controller.
  • Specific and Accurate batch cycle with precision.