Pole Dryer Machine


Pole Dryer Machine

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Tubular Fabric Which Has Already Been Hydro Extracted Is Mounted Via Two Pairs Of Driving Loading Rollers. This Fabric Falls Back On The Drying Tube. Hot Air Generated Through A Steam Radiator Is Blown In To The Fabric Through The Perforated Drying Tube. During This Process the Fabric Is Dried And The Moisture In This Fabric Is Evaporated By This Hot Air.
  • The Average Drying Capacity Of The Machine Is 40/75 Kgs. Of Fabric per Tube /Per Hour.
  • The Required Steam Pressure Is 7 Kgs.
  • After Some Time Fabric Is Taken Out From This Perforated Drying Tube Via Two Pairs Of Driving Unloading Rollers.
  • The Fabric Is Completely Dried During This Process.

Technical Specification & Dimensions.

Vertical Tube Dryer

Technical Specification
Model Pole Size Ø X Height No. Of Polls Drive Motor Blower Motor Gear Box Frame Ratio Overall Dimensions
Two Poll 200 X 3100 mm - 2 Nos. 1 H.P. 1440 Rpm. 3 H.P. (2nos) 2800 Rpm. 2" X 1/10" 2400 X 2700 X 4000
Four Poll 200 X 3100 mm - 4 Nos. 1 H.P. 1440 Rpm. 3 H.P. (4nos) 2800rpm. 2" X 1/10" 4400 X 2700 X 4000
Six Poll 200 X 3100 mm - 6 Nos. 2 H.P. 1440 Rpm. 3 H.P. (6nos) 2800rpm. 3" X 1/10" 6400 X 2700 X 4000


  • Gearbox for Speed Control.
  • Four Roller for Tube Top and Down.
  • Perforated Pole Made Stainless Steel With Tray.
  • Steam Heated System.
  • Electric Control Panel.
  • Construction of Body from MS Channel and Sheets.
  • MS Ladder, Railing, Platform