Slit opening machine

Slit opening machine (Gumming Cutting Machine)

Slitting machine, also known as Gumming cutting machine is utilized in the processing of fabrics which is included in the open line in the fishing section. The slitting machine encompasses of a blade and a sensor which is attached to the blade and indicates the needle line during the slit opening of the fabric for processing. In the slitting machine, the fabric is first passed through the twister which is over the basket that contains an exhaust fan for the circular dropping of the fabric and the blade is present for cutting the needle line of the fabric. The next step is proceeding ahead from the padder and immersion roller towards the turning and delivery roller. Last but not the least, the open width fabric is delivered. Slitting machines are made by Slit Opening Machine (Gumming cutting machine) manufacturer.

Functions of the slit opening machine

  • It is used to sit the fabric to convert tubular fabric to open width fabric.
  • It is utilized to soften the fabric by application of softeners.
  • Decreasing the content water in the fabric is also another use.
  • Squeezing the fabric for correct chemical penetration is also important.

Applications of Slit opening machines

Gumming Machine or Slit Opening Machine manufacturers are backed by good industry knowledge and immense technological expertise of manufacturing.Gumming and slitting machine suitable for knitted fabric in tubuler size.

While purchasing these machines from a slit opening machine supplier or slit opening machine distributor it is important to note the following specifications:

  • Suitable for Rotary Printing Units
  • High Production: 15 to 20 Mtr/ Min @ 170 Temperature
  • Removes Bio Wash and Dust
  • Output Available in Batching or Folding
  • Available in Both Electrical & Thermic Fluid System
Above features pave the way for a high-quality slit opening or gumming machine. They are important for a durable and long lasting experience while dealing with fabric manufacturing and processing. For this purpose, it is also very important to use high-quality components. Other features to keep in mind while purchasing them from Slit opening suppliers or slit opening distributors is to check the following:
  • Roll System
  • Hot Air Spray Nozzle Technology system
  • High production 20-25 m/min Gum and 45-50 m/min
  • Manual adjustment to needle line by a steering
  • Thermic Fluid heat or
  • Double Heat Exchanger with compact design

Quality of the machines

With the support of professional team members that are well equipped to provide a wide array of Slit Opening Machine everything is possible. Such slit opening machines must be specifically designed and such developed machines are basically admired for their longer functional life along with efficient and consistent overall performance apart from dimensional accuracy. Sourcing quality raw materials from the best companies are crucial for all manufacturing purposes. They are checked very stringently on the basis of a few preset parameters. They are made sure of workability to enable customers to use products in a User-Friendly manner. They are also sourced from very reputed and quality oriented companies all over India. The products manufactured by such companies are also checked vigorously to eliminate any errors.