Soft Flow Dyeing Machine


Soft Flow Dyeing Machine

Dying the cloths in a different combination of colors is a very delicate as well as technical task. And dying the delicate fabric like Knits is even more critical and might require an experience of technicality. Among various sorts of dying machine, soft flow dyeing machine is considered to be most suitable for dying the delicate cloths. Since water is being used to circulate the fabric in this machine. The conception difference of this equipment from a conventional jet that operates with a hydraulic system is that the fabric rope is kept circulating during the whole processing cycle right from loading to unloading. Even at the time of usual drains and fill steps, the circulation of fabric along with the supply of water has not been stopped; this is really a unique technique to be used for dying the cloths.
Soft flow dying machine has been designed in such a manner that fresh water keeps on entering the vessel via a heat exchanger to a special interchange zone. Also, on the other hand, all the contaminated water has been allowed to be drained out through a drain. This has been made sure that this contaminated water should not come in any sort of contact with the fabric that might be all ready to take a new bath in the separate section of the machine.

Key Features of Soft flow Dyeing Machine:

Below listed are few of the major impressive features of soft flow dyeing machine that makes it more suitable for the delicate fabric specifically:
  • The complete processing time in this machine is considered to be comparatively much lesser. Hence, it helps in saving the processing time.
  • It also helps to save the water utility.
  • Makes an excellent separation of clothes in different streams that result in optimum heat recovery and a distinct possibility of further use or a dedicated treatment

The Principle of Soft Flow Dyeing Machine:

Dying the textile material is considered to be most convenient, as a textile material is one such material that can be dyed in batch. It means that a whole lot of clothes that need to be dyed in one color can be put in the machine in batches. Also, the same can be dyed in continuous or semi-continuous process.
It is quite obvious that Batch processes are the more timesaving along with easy method used to dye textile materials. There are three general types of batch dyeing machines:
  • Wherein fabric is required to be circulated.
  • Wherein instead of fabric, dye bath is being circulated.
  • Wherein both, the dye bath as well as the material will be circulated.

Types of Soft Flow Dyeing Machine:

Though there is not an extensive variety of soft flow dyeing machine available in the market, below is the 2 types that are still available:

Multi-Nozzle Soft Flow Dyeing Machine:

Below are few of the technical features of Multi-Nozzle Soft Flow Dyeing Machine:

  • Liquor ratio is very low - around 1:1 (Wet Fabric).
  • Capable of reaching high temp. max up to 140°C.
  • Capable of easily dying 30 to 450 g/mt.sq. of fabrics including woven as well as knitted fabrics.
  • No pilling effect
  • Having a wide capacity

High-Temperature High-Pressure Soft Flow Dyeing Machine:

Below are few of the technical features of High-Temperature High-Pressure Soft Flow Dyeing Machine:
  • Stainless steel body that is very much compact to handle.
  • Inbuilt heat exchanger for quick heating/cooling.
  • Can be used manually as well as automatically.
  • Equipped with heavy duty stainless steel pump.
  • Use a jet having a lower velocity that is being used on conventional jet dyeing machines as well.